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To pour a bag of sugar
In to the sea
Or to save a life then they die moments later
Preparing a ‘goodbye’ speech but you are too late
They have already gone
The pointlessness of my…
Good intention

As I rose this pen I was like a singer with no ‘sing’
Or an orchestra with no one
I closed my eyes and it gave me
Perfect vision…
Suffer on every horizon
Did a 3 60 turn and saw pain down every avenue
So I did not move
Straight statue

If I could skip this clay shell
Set my heart free
I would be floating in a direction that was heavenly
Looking at my melanin skin and muscular frame
Like it is my ball and chain

Now does this grown man cry
I’d be lying if I said “never”
This possibly the most dispirited combination of words I selected

Why when I dreamt I was falling to my death I didn’t even cry
I sang:
“Forgive me for my sins and know that I tried”

When I tell you that I am fine
Forgive me for lying to your face
My death no tragedy but a lucky…


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