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My father wore suits was inspired from my visit to the missing threads exhibition

My father wore suits

Clothes that wearers
Wear tell stories
More than the makers

My father wore suits
with a swagger against
a backdrop of the
50’s to the noughties
Inbetweenies and teenies
that defined the
flow and sounds
of these clothes
against this beautiful
background of skin tone
that shone with
that exudes elegance
that made him
stand out regally
from the in crowd
regardless of
the weather or the occasion
My father wore suits

My father wore suits
mirrored In precision
like royal at the
highest level he
walked the walk
Talked The Talk
cut to fit
in path of excellence
The epitome of duality
perfect afro english gentleman
a cat walk
oozed in confidence
that could charm
the charmer
and assimilate into
any society or tea party
His suit was his
mental armour
his shield
his Soul protector
that no sus law
could disrespect
the sight of his suit
kept mr policeman
in check
My father wore suits

My father wore suits
ingrained into
his authentic self
fastened beauty
of Identity
onlookers would
comment they
loved Nostalgia
His je nais se quois
His suit was
The keeper
of respectability
the Silent
From Spain to
England and
onwards to South Africa

My father wore suits
even on his death
bed his suits are now
his legacy
That hangs pristinely
on the silver rails
behind the
cupboard wall on
this door.

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