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Hidden Literature Poetry & Spoken Word Tape Submissions

Are you a poet or spoken word artist with a passion for captivating words and breathing life into your written expressions? Do you have the gift of storytelling and evoking emotions through your verses? If so, this is your moment to step into the spotlight that celebrates the fusion of poetry, spoken word, and music. Welcome to the inaugural album release by Hidden Literature: “Poetry & Spoken Word Volume 1.”

About Us:

Hidden Literature is dedicated to nurturing the raw, authentic voices of poets and spoken word artists who dare to be different. Our forthcoming release, “Poetry & Spoken Word Volume 1,” will be a testament to the thriving creativity and artistic synergy found at the crossroads of poetry, spoken word, and music.

What We’re Looking For:

We’re inviting poets and spoken word artists from around the world to submit their best work for consideration in our album. Whether you’re a solo performer, collaborate with musicians, or incorporate singing and rapping into your spoken word, we want to hear from you. All submitted tracks must feature poetry or spoken word, and professionalism is key. We’re seeking submissions that resonate with authenticity, passion, and creativity.

The themes we are looking for could include love, relationships, identity, nature, mental health and well-being, history, heritage, dreams and aspirations, mythology, fantasy, art, technology and the Modern World, family, childhood, resilience, and overcoming challenges, spirituality, and philosophy. Please note that we will not consider topics that suggest discrimination, racism, ageism, hate speech, sexism, or strong political views etc. Keep your submission inclusive & positive. 

Album Details:

Title: Poetry & Spoken Word Volume 1
Genre: Poetry & Spoken Word
Maximum Submissions: Up to 3 tracks per artist

Please continue reading for the information about the poetry & spoken word album titled “Poetry & Spoken Word Volume 1”.

We are looking for poetry and spoken word tracks. Listen to the reference playlist:  Hidden Literature Poetry & Spoken Word Playlist

How to Submit:

Poetry & Spoken Word Submission Rules (Please read carefully)

  • Email your poems/tracks to with the email subject = “Poetry & Spoken Word Volume 1”. 
  • Please limit poems/tracks to 3 per artist. 
  • We will only accept poems/tracks sent through the following: Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • Please title your poems/tracks in the following format “Artist Name – Track Title.wav”.
  • Poems/tracks must be in WAV format, including the beat/instrumental when you record in the studio.
  • Add the poems/lyrics in Word format to your Google Drive link (either .doc or .docx).
  • Include a third-person bio and any relevant links e.g., social media, website. (max. 200 words).
  • All tracks must be recorded professionally to a high standard for our consideration.
  • All poems/lyrics in your submissions must be previously unpublished (either print, online (including social media), or broadcast). See below for the terms of beats/instrumental usage. 
  • All tracks must include an extract of poetry or spoken word.
  • Mixing and mastering of the poems/tracks must be complete. 
  • If you would like any recording studio or engineer suggestions, please email us.

The use of beats/instrumentals:

  • We would suggest reaching out to Stardog Lofi –, Beat Stars, TrakTrain, or Airbit if you would like your poetry/spoken word to be accompanied by music.
  • If you are purchasing a beat from Beat Stars , TrakTrain, or Airbit, you will need a WAV file, which comes with the premium License.
  • If you use a beat that you have purchased on Beat Stars, TrakTrain, Airbit, or elsewhere, please include the leasing license in your Google Drive or Dropbox link.
  • If you are working with a producer, please include the contract between both parties (yourself & and the producer). The contract will need to state that both parties are happy to release the track/tracks with Hidden Literature, and both parties will need to sign and date the contract. Please provide a copy in your Google Drive or Dropbox link.
  • All samples on the track must be royalty-free or cleared. If your track contains a sample you will need to provide a copy of the license, for example, from Tracklib.

Deadline: No set dealine

What can you expect?

Once submissions have closed, we will carry out our track reviews with the Hidden Literature team and inform all accepted artists.

For all accepted artists we will:

  • Inclusion in the album “Poetry & Spoken Word Volume 1.” 
  • Adding your poems/tracks to playlists including our own. 
  • Provide personalised artwork for each artist, including album art and promo assets.
  • Royalty compensation for your work.
  • The opportunity to collaborate with like-minded artists.

Deal Share Split Pay?

We will distribute the poems/tracks to all streaming services, and the “split share” will be 50% – 50% for digital releases.

For inquiries or more information, please contact us at

Together, let’s create a masterpiece that celebrates the beauty of poetry and music.