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In Africa’s embrace,
Nature’s treasures,
a boundless chase,
Like a symphony,
harmonious and true.

Sands of the Sahara,
a golden sea,
Ghana’s heart, a treasure chest,
you see,
Diamonds, sparkling
like dreams anew.

Savannahs, vast
as the eye can roam,
Where life dances,
a vibrant tome,
Lions and elephants,
majestic and free.

Mountains rise,
touching the sky,
Waterfall’s cascade,
nature’s lullaby,
A masterpiece
painted for all to sigh.

Forests, emerald blankets,
lush and serene,
Where secrets dwell,
unseen, pristine,
Nature’s sanctuary,
a mystical dream.

River’s meander,
a lifeline they bestow,
Nurturing lands,
like a mother’s gentle flow,
Life’s eternal rhythm,
a symphony in tow.

Africa’s resources,
a priceless treasure trove,
Nature’s generosity,
a testament to love,
A continent’s pride,
a legacy that will forever rove.

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