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Poetry open mic night Hidden Literature MY WORD! London


Ovyuki performs at Hidden Literature’s poetry open mic night MY WORD! Grow, Hackney London.

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Founder of Hidden Literature & MY WORD! Host – Ovyuki
Hidden Literature in-house DJ – Temple 

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About Hidden Literature MY WORD!

Immerse yourself in the world of poetry, spoken word, and music at MY WORD! A London-based poetry open mic night, curated by author, poet, and photographer, Ovyuki. This unique gathering is more than just an event, it’s a celebration of the poetry, spoken word, and music a haven for the poetry community and enthusiasts alike.

Every MY WORD! event transforms into a vibrant tapestry woven with the threads of diverse voices and genres. Whether you’re a seasoned poet, a budding lyricist, or a music enthusiast, this open mic night invites you to share your creativity with a supportive and appreciative audience.

Hosted by Ovyuki, MY WORD! is not just an event but an experience that transcends the ordinary. Ovyuki’s passion for the arts, poetry, and music infuses each gathering with a unique vibe, creating a space where Hidden Literature invites artists from all backgrounds and walks of life.

At Hidden Literature, we believe in the power of words to bridge gaps and build connections. Our poetry & music open mic nights are more than just performances, they are a platform for the poetry community to unite, inspire, and discover the hidden gems of literature. It’s a chance to express the unspoken, share the unsung, and connect with like-minded souls who appreciate the beauty of the written and spoken word.

Our Services

In addition to our captivating poetry & music open mic nights, including MY WORD! we can host your next event, perform at your event, write a poem for a special occasion, and much more. We offer poetry workshops designed to nurture and refine your poetic skills. These workshops provide a supportive environment for participants to explore different forms, styles, and techniques in the heart of London’s artistic scene. We also provide online poetry workshop sessions. Whether you’re a corporate business, an educational institution, or hosting a private event we would love to host a poetry workshop for you. Find out about all of the services we offer at Hidden Literature on our services page.

Join us at our next event in London and be part of a community that celebrates poetry and music. Unleash your creativity, share your story, and discover the Hidden Literature within you. Together, let’s create unforgettable memories, right in the heart of this dynamic and cultural city.

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