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We have all gone through tough situations in life but what defines us is how we get through them not that we went through them. We are not our issues but our issues do make us into the people we are today. You can relate to this project because we all go through difficult situations in life. Whether that is with friends, family, mental health, or any other challenges that may arise. Patrick Freels uses a therapy session style for his first EP to talk about what he went through with his little brother, Wes. He dives into the pain he watched his brother struggle with and how that ultimately ended with him ending his own life. This EP was written as a response to those events in a way to heal and move forward in life. We can all grow through this story and learn how to heal. We do not have to let our past experiences define us but we can use them to grow and shape us into the people we want to be.

If you are going through anything traumatic in your life I would encourage you to take a minute and to just think about what good you have in your life. For just a moment block out all the noise and pain and just focus on that one good thing. Maybe this act of purposefully seeking can lead you to a better spot. I think this EP is very well written and encouraging to know that other people go through crap in life and we are not alone.

Patrick Freels is an emotionally driven spoken word artist from, Oklahoma. He is not afraid to talk about difficult situations and circumstances he faces in life. This music is his way of dealing with the things in life that affect him the most. If you enjoy poetry and music, you should dive into Patrick’s music and really listen to the story he tells through the music. His music is not light-hearted by very intentional in the way he tells real stories. This style of music makes it very easy to relate to the artist and helps you as the listener get to know the artist, Patrick a little bit better. He does not wear a mask in his writing and lets you into the deepest darkest parts of his life to try and encourage you to grow and become the best version of yourself.