Blind Date with a Book


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Hidden Literature Blind Date with a Book

Discover the Magic of a Surprise Read

When you choose Hidden Literature’s Blind Date with a Book, each book is a delightful surprise waiting to be unwrapped! We believe in the magic of books and the joy of discovering new stories. Our carefully curated selections, featuring preloved gems, promise to ignite your imagination and transport you to new worlds. Perfect for avid readers and thoughtful gift-givers alike, our offerings cater to all your reading needs.

Blind Date with a Book One-Time Purchases

Choose a one-time purchase for a spontaneous literary adventure! Each book in our single-purchase option comes with:

  • Eco-Friendly Wrapping: Thoughtfully wrapped in recycled paper, adding a touch of mystery and anticipation.
  • Intriguing Hints: A tag with a few tantalizing clues about the book inside to pique your curiosity.
  • Bookmark: A special bookmark to save your place in your new book.
  • Tea for a Relaxing Read: A comforting tea sachet to enhance your reading experience.
  • Book-Themed Stickers: Fun stickers to decorate your reading space or journal.
  • Sticky Page Tags: Handy tags to mark where you stopped reading or highlight parts you want to revisit.

Whether you’re treating yourself or a loved one, our single-book option is a wonderful way to explore new genres and authors.

Why Choose Us?

  • Eco-Friendly: By choosing preloved books, you’re helping to reduce waste and promote sustainable reading habits.
  • Diverse Selection: We include a wide range of genres, including works by Black writers, to ensure a rich and varied reading experience.
  • Thoughtfully Curated: Each book is carefully selected to provide a delightful and memorable reading experience.
  • Perfect for Gifting: Our beautifully wrapped books, gift boxes, and subscriptions make for charming, unique presents that book lovers will adore.


Given the “mystery” aspect of our book selections, we cannot offer refunds if you have already read the book or if it does not meet your preferences.

For other return inquiries, please reach out to us at within 14 days of receiving your order. Please note that return postage costs are the customer’s responsibility. *If any items are missing from the return (e.g., bookmarks, stickers, tea, page tags), only a partial refund will be processed.


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African Literature, Poetry, Crime & Thriller, Romance, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Black Author, Fiction, Young Adult, Surprise Me, Non-Fiction (e.g., biographies, history, self-help), Horror, Classic Literature, Graphic Novel, Humour, Memoirs, Short Stories