We Don’t Need Sleep to Dream (Paperback)


Ovyuki (author)
Published: 11/02

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In this second collection of prose and poetry, Ovyuki writes about the battles some may face in the pursuit of their deepest desires. She movingly explores what truly drives many, which sometimes slips away when lacking the willpower – ambition. A thought-provoking, motivational, and sincere body of work that provokes the reader to delve into their own imagination. She challenges your inner determination, drive, and commitment to be consistent in your endeavours. A note of encouragement to all dreamers, working to achieve their life goals. Ovyuki not only invites the reader to draw on current experiences, she dares them to discover buried treasure and unlock doors that may have always been open. Trade the harsh realities of life, where personal passions are often not inspired, for words that foster your ideas. A summons for you to water the flowers, that could one day become your garden.