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The herd immunity descending to shambles,
Weak and aged lured, prey to the vultures,
Circling ominously, seemingly omnipotent,
The wolves have been here long before,
An unappeased appetite for death and termination,
Fear encapsulated by devious assaults,
Mind against body, soul versus spirit,
Most are mostly told what they believe,
A few black sheep learn with other senses,
The shepherd compelled to cull in fear,
Control the divide to ruin and conquer,
Gold star awarded to compliant subjects,
A yellow one for the rebel remainers,
Common wit says it’s luck to survive,
Only the privileged are invited to feeding frenzies,
Such beautiful lies to sink their teeth into,
Led blindly into temptation,
To scratch and claw for scraps of morsels,
In turn, just to bury their heads in the sand,
In one way it can be deemed as blissful shelter,
Hibernation, although time still evolves,
These bloodsuckers are no more than vampires,
Unable to even look at themselves in the mirror,
But they preach loudly so that others comply,
Snakes still slither through the concrete jungle,
Covert attempts to make innocence disobey,
Lord deliver us from this carnival of evil,
And let us not get stung while we gorge on the honey.

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