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As the days while away I stay irregular as my routine,
The rain can’t drench me beneath these covers,
I indulge in irrelevant paperwork and file scrolls mentally,
How many elaborate schemes in my head that I can’t figure out?
In my dreams I get chased, they try to shoot me awake,
For night terrors begets heavy robes, shredded by foibles,
Sometimes, I want to disappear, but I only sink deeper,
This just means there is always more for me to think about;
More downfall upon downtrodden votes on falsified principles,
Manoeuvre through salacious scoundrels, worst kind never seen,
It’s best to speak softly when the foolhardy choose not to rebel,
They wear rose-tinted spectacles and look up to the future,
But always remember the past if there comes any uncertainty,
Some say we only live once in one astral existence,
And there cannot be enough misery to wallow in sorrow,
Possibly, the end may not quite meet the belief,
Although, you wept in the beginning,
Detached, therefore, deceased,
Inevitably, the light shall cascade heat and lustre,
Then the shadows evolve to dance away the fickle cheer.

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