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I walk in to my bedroom just to see my mother with a blank look on her face
For some reason what I had to see was just so hard to erase
I was confused until she pulled the blankets off my bed
And all I could see was an autumn red stain that had spread
How the fuck was I gonna tell my mother about the nights that I bled
I just looked at her and knew, I had to lie instead
Even if it filled me with a mount full of guilt and dread
Could you imagine my mothers face if I told her I’d rather be dead
Why the fuck should my parents have to put up with the pain that I made
For my self something I will suffer with, there’s no reason to save
I don’t want my parents to look at me a certain way
So I knew it was just easier for us to go our seperate ways
How the fuck was I gonna tell my mother about the tears that I shed
You can hear it in my music, I write it in these lyrics I bled
You think this pen was full of ink, it was full of blood that I bled
These stories are full of it you can hear it inside my head
The stench of the blood brought back memories in my head
Man at this point I could just end it all with a gun to my head
I’m sorry to my mother is exactly what I said
It must have been something I spilled in my bed

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